Gypsy Life by Sir Alfred Munnings


Gypsy Life


Sir Alfred Munnings

Ref GM2881
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 16" (50 x 40 cm)
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Sir Alfred Munnings painted rural scenes, frequently of subjects such as Gypsies and horses as shown in this painting ‘Gypsy Life’. From the early twentieth century Munnings had been fascinated by the gypsy hop-pickers in Hampshire. He wrote: ‘More glamour and excitement were packed into those six weeks than a painter could well contend with. I still have a vision of brown faces, black hair, earrings, black hats and black skirts; of lithe figures of women and children, of men with lurcher dogs and horses of all kinds... Never in my life have I been so filled with a desire to work as I was then’. Alfred Munnings’s biography states that he clearly considered himself accepted among the gypsies when he was able to persuade several of the older women to bring out the brilliant shawls, boldly coloured aprons, and flamboyant ostrich feathered hats that were special occasion wear for the women. In this painting Munnings presented to his audience an insight into a way of life and traditions that, he feared, were fast disappearing.