Arabia, 1851 by John Tallis


Arabia, 1851


John Tallis

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This exquisite map is an example of John Tallis’s work at its finest and he was a renowned producer and publisher of maps in the nineteenth century. “Arabia” is one in a series of maps which were collectively issued in 1851 by Tallis as a world atlas. It was entitled “The Illustrated Atlas” and is viewed as the final series of elaborately etched maps of the world. “Arabia” is encompassed by a magnificent border which has been intricately designed and etched. The map is surrounded by delicately engraved images entitled “Arab Woman”, “Mount Sinai” and “Arabs” depicting three scenes with connotations to Arabia (now Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and other countries collectively referred to as the Middle East.). During the nineteenth century Arabia, the Middle East and Central Asia became crucial in providing spices and other exotic items to trade with Europe and the western countries. “Arabia” and the other maps in “The Illustrated Atlas” were published to coincide with the Great Exhibition, London in 1851. This was an international exhibition held at Crystal Palace in Hyde Park and celebrated the achievements of countries around the world. This was the first in a series of World’s Fair exhibitions of culture and industry which became a prominent and fashionable feature in the nineteenth century across the world.