Botanical VII by Basil Besler


Botanical VII


Basil Besler

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The uncoloured engraving from which this beautiful reproduction is taken is believed to come from the book Hortus Eystettensis, which was published at Eichstatt, near Nurnberg, in 1613. The book was produced under the patronage of Johann Conrad von Gemmingen, the Bishop of Eichstatt, and most of the plants which featured in the book were grown in his own garden. Besler worked on the project for 16 years, employing up to 6 engravers to help him with what is now widely seen as one of the great treasures of botanical literature. The book is the earliest large folio botanical and contains 374 copper engravings, including depictions of flowers, vegetables, herbs and newly-discovered plants like peppers and tobacco. Besler had the good fortune to live at a time when exotic plants and new discoveries were being shipped to Europe from all over the world and the experimental and ornamental garden which he organised and illustrated for his eminent patron was one of the first of its kind. The first edition of Hortus Eystettensis was published in 1613. Further editions were published in 1614 and 1713.