Autumn by Eugene Cauchois




Eugene Cauchois

Ref GM1759
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 6" x 20" (15 x 50 cm)
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Cauchois was most famous for his flower arrangements, painted in a series of decorative panels which were meant to be seen side by side. It is thought that Cauchois was inspired by the vertical compositions and love of nature of Japanese paintings, as Japonisme was becoming more and more fashionable in the 1880's when this work was painted and it was at a time that many artists were experimenting with new compositional formulas. It is thought that Cauchois was also influenced by studying under Alexandre Cabanel, who was one of the most successful academics of the artists, as well as coming into contact with Duboc and a third artist, who was his teacher, Ernest Quost. Many of his panel works were commissions rather than painted speculatively.