Slap at it for the Honour of Hitem-On-Ho by Snaffles


Slap at it for the Honour of Hitem-On-Ho



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Many of Snaffles’s prints were issued either by him or by his publishers, Fores of Bond Street, in three or four different versions over time, each with a wide variety of remarques or vignettes. The central focus of this print is no exception and can be seen in a variety of formats, also, for example, with the title A Point to Point. The central portion of this subject was executed around 1925 and shows how, after the First World War, Snaffles’s work had become much more sophisticated in comparison to the looser feel of his pre-War work. Indeed, a print was published incorporating this title as early as 1909, though this version was largely presented in black, white and red, and had a much more sketchy feel. It was reproduced in many varied versions by Snaffles over approximately 20 years from 1909, and in several different colour-ways. The many variants of this subject which were issued were mainly handcoloured in water-colour by Snaffles himself and his sisters. For the smaller runs, Snaffles took remarkable pains to colour these himself. To add to a cataloguer’s difficulties, Snaffles continually improved and fiddled with the plates, even of each variant, so that a single subject could not only be presented and re-presented with different vignettes and newly-painted central artwork, but could also be amended and recoloured within a single run. A Point to Point is an excellent example of a subject of this kind, and Snaffles’s development as an artist can be seen through the many different versions of this subject published over the 20 years from 1909.