Swagger, But A Workman by Snaffles


Swagger, But A Workman



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This charming hunting scene is a characteristically evocative example of Snaffles’ work, and it was well received, with many editions being published over a ten-year period. A hunting enthusiast for most of his life, Snaffles combined his sporting expertise with a rich injection of humour, assuring his work of lasting renown. The print was first published in 1919, when Britain was still reeling from the horrors of the First World War. Declared unfit for active service, Snaffles had spent the first part of the war in France producing pictures for magazines such as The Graphic, before being ordered by the Admiralty to help in the design of ‘dazzle’, a type of camouflage designed to protect ships from the threat of German submarines. Even while employed by the Navy, he found time to pursue his artistic ambitions, and the war years saw a sharp rise in his popularity. In his early career Snaffles and his sisters had hand-coloured all his prints; but from 1916 the majority were printed at Bemrose’s famous Derby works, and sold in considerable numbers. At the end of the war, all were keen to return to normality, and racing and hunting were resumed with gusto. Snaffles was delighted to have the opportunity to paint hunting scenes once again, and his enthusiasm was reflected in such wonderful works as this.