Le Petit Paradis Emeraude by Jacques Barraband


Le Petit Paradis Emeraude


Jacques Barraband

Ref GM036
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 17" x 23" (43 x 58 cm)
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This remarkable Bird of Paradise was published initially in the “Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de paradis et des rolliers, suivie de celle des toucans et des barbus”., The book was produced by Francois Levaillant in 1806 and was issued in two volumes with 114 colour plates. Birds of Paradise come from the avian group known as “passerine” and principally inhabit New Guinea and the adjacent islands. They were originally named by Dutch voyagers in recognition of the brilliance of their plumage. For many years it was believed that the birds possessed neither wings nor feet, and spent their lives in the air. The largest Bird of Paradise is the Great Emerald Bird (“Paradisea Apoda”), and the lesser Bird of Paradise (“Paradisea Minor”) is smaller in size but more common and closely resembles its larger compatriot. Its plumes were those most commonly used in the past for ornamental effect or as accessories for decorative hats and dresses. Only adult male Birds of Paradise have splendid plumage of this kind; females are plain brown birds, possessing neither plumes nor lengthened tails.