Hogany Tops by Snaffles


Hogany Tops



Ref GM098
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)
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This is a wonderful example of Snaffles’ early work, showing a fox hunter raising his hat, as the fox flees in the background. The original print formed part of a set of four medium-sized prints of hunting types, along with Old Tawney, Blood and Quality, and The Gent with ’Osses to Sell. The set was issued early in 1910 by the leading publishing house of Lawrence & Jellicoe, and its publication was to prove a turning point in Snaffles’ career. In the years immediately preceding 1910, life had been hard for Snaffles, with financial difficulties constantly plaguing the young artist. His love of hunting remained unabated, however, and he had begun to ride to hounds, mostly on borrowed mounts, with provincial packs around Aldershot such as the Knaphill and Ripley Harriers. Snaffles’ life was profoundly changed by the publication of ‘Hunting Types’. The set was an immediate success and Snaffles and his two sisters had to work frantically in a bid to colour the prints quickly enough to keep up with demand. Perhaps the most momentous event of that year was the beginning of Snaffles’ association with the famous weekly magazine, The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: the magazine republished this set late in 1910, and Snaffles’ work was to make many more appearances in its pages over the following years, providing a great boost to his popularity.