Boy Fishing, 1892 by Winslow Homer


Boy Fishing, 1892


Winslow Homer

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Boy Fishing is one of Winslow Homer’s most significant works. The artist’s travels to Europe brought him exposure to the work of the Impressionists, which can be seen in his wonderful use of outdoor light, even though he never agreed that the movement had had a direct influence on his own work. The painting of marine subjects is one of the most consistent themes of Homer’s work, particularly the depiction of light-filled scenes of boats and figures surrounded by lakes and seas. Boy Fishing is thus typical of Winslow Homer’s most important paintings, and is typical also in that he is able to create a landscape through a simplification of the scene to its major elements, a skill which he credited to his experience as an illustrator prior to his painting career. Towards the end of his career, Homer began to experiment in watercolour paintings in addition to the more traditional oil paintings which he had been producing at a slow but steady rate of approximately two each year.