A Splendid Advocate by Spy


A Splendid Advocate



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Image Size 9" x 12" (23 x 30 cm)
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Ward worked methodically, often from memory, after observing his caricature ‘victims’ at the racecourse, in the law courts, in church, in the university lecture theatre, or in the lobby of the Houses of Parliament. This illustration depicts a barrister in a court room, he is wearing the traditional court dress. A caricaturist, Ward believed, was born, not made. He observed, ‘A good memory, an eye for detail, and a mind to appreciate and grasp the whole atmosphere and peculiarity of the “subject” are of course essentials’. A caricature, he noted, should never depend on a physical defect, nor should it be forced. ‘If I could sum up the art in a sentence it would be that caricature should be a comic impression with a kindly touch, and always devoid of vulgarity’.