At Dusk by Nicholas Coleman


At Dusk


Nicholas Coleman

Ref GM331
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 40" x 20" (102 x 50 cm)
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At Dusk is an evocative depiction of the lifestyle of the Sioux Indians. Early mention of the Sioux Indians places them along the upper regions of the Mississippi River. The tide of white migration pushed firstly their neighbours, and then the Sioux themselves, westwards throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Jesuits reported seeing Sioux in the Lake Superior region in 1641; Lewis and Clark encountered them at the mouth of Bad River, in present day South Dakota, in 1804. After the Teton Sioux crossed the Missouri River, they made increasing use of horses and became notably skilled warriors and hunters of buffalo. The Teton Sioux were a large grouping, having seven "campfires," or sub-bands, and they gradually spread out to occupy a significant area of the northern plains, defeating various other tribal groups along the eastern side of the plains in the process. The Teton, the western-most grouping of the Sioux, are one of three major divisions of the tribe, which occupied territory in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska and parts of southern Canada. There are around 150,000 Sioux Indians alive today, and perhaps the most famous historical Sioux is Sitting Bull, the chief famous for his role in the Battle of Little Bighorn.