Sheila in Gold by Boscoe Holder


Sheila in Gold


Boscoe Holder

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Holder’s forte was his depiction of Caribbean women. ‘Sheila in Gold’ depicts Holder’s wife Shelia Clarke. They married in 1948, she has said of her late husband “We were always the best of friends; he was the artist, the composer, the choreographer. And I? I was his interpreter.” In the 1960’s, there were many black people who did not see themselves as beautiful, but Boscoe did, and his paintings encapsulated this before the phrase ‘black is beautiful’ was coined. The beauty of Shelia, her purity of thought and vision and her quiet reflectiveness are all captured in his own inimitable and brilliant style. The gold and rich purple materials are offset against the white background, which illustrates what a great eye Holder had for colour, shape and passion.