Cactus Cowboy by Adam Green


Cactus Cowboy


Adam Green

Ref GL211
Type Fine Art Print
Limited Editions This Gouttelette™ Limited Edition print has been published with light-fast inks to BS1006 standard onto acid-free, calcium carbonate-buffered stock, mould-made from 100% cotton and sourced from environmentally-conscious paper suppliers. Limited Edition Size: 60 Certified: Yes
Image Size 30" x 30" (76 x 76 cm)
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Cactus Cowboy: Buried amongst the remains of the Aztec civilisation, images of cactus like plants can be found in sculptures, drawings and carvings. To this day, the coat of arms of Mexico shows an eagle perched on a cactus while holding a snake. An image which is at the centre of the Aztec origin myth. In the beginning there was only desert. Nothing else existed. No water, sky or stars. No life. From this infinite expanse of desert there appeared as if from nothing The Cactus Cowboy. Where he came from nobody knows. Troubled by the lack of anything other than desert he set about correcting this wrong. First came the stars, then the sky and the sun and the moon. And finally life. Once his work was complete he surveyed all he had done and smiled to himself. Although happy and content with his creation, he still keeps a watchful eye over everything should the desert try and reclaim all again.