Analogous Harmonies by Marsha Hammel


Analogous Harmonies


Marsha Hammel

Ref GL233
Type Fine Art Print
Limited Editions This Gouttelette™ Limited Edition print has been published with light-fast inks to BS1006 standard onto acid-free, calcium carbonate-buffered stock, mould-made from 100% cotton and sourced from environmentally-conscious paper suppliers. Limited Edition Size: 50 Certified: Yes
Image Size 36" x 24" (90 x 60 cm)
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Harmony, in all sensory perception, is the result of balanced relationship between all of the elements of any stimuli. The title of this painting implicates the idea that the stimuli are harmonious in similar or parallel ways. In the science of color violet, red, orange and yellow create an analogous harmony that I have used in this composition to represent the both the tonal harmonies of hue and the tonal harmonies of music. To carry the symbolism further, analogous language enables musicians and visual artists to communicate their creative processes. Music and painting alike are described in terms of “color, texture and tone”. Musicians spend countless hours practicing and rehearsing; by the time the audience hears their music it sounds as if making music is the easiest thing in the world. My own style of drawing and composing requires long days of effort to produce deceptively simple lines and forms. The eyes of the viewer enjoy the pleasant stimuli of color harmony, rhythmic lines and atmospheric textures. One can almost hear the music.