La Robe Violette et Anemones by Henri Matisse


La Robe Violette et Anemones


Henri Matisse

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The purple robe was completed in 1937. This painting depicts his model Lydia Delectorskaya in a purple robe with a vase of anemones in the foreground. Matisse did not intend to capture his subject realistically. Instead, the painting explodes with colour, rhythm, space, and line and dares to manipulate reality. This painting is an example of Henri Matisse's mature decorative style. Matisse depicts his model in an exotic Moroccan costume, surrounded by a complex of abstract design and exotic colour. When accused of painting unrealistic images of women Matisse explained, "I do not create a woman, I make a picture." He readily admitted that his images were not faithful re-creations of reality.