Portrait of Dolly: 1911 by Kees Van Dongen


Portrait of Dolly: 1911


Kees Van Dongen

Ref GM2496
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm)
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The style of Van Dongen's portraits is very identifiably his own, his models distinguished, by their large, boldly outlined, wide-set eyes, delicate mouths and luminous skin. ‘Portrait of Dolly’ is a vibrant portrait by Van Dongen that puts on display his mastery as a colourist. The present work belongs to an extensive series, begun early in his career, of exquisite portraits Van Dongen painted of women wearing extravagant hats; some of these women were drawn from Montmartre's pleasure halls, others from the more sophisticated world of the upper echelons of Paris' bourgeoisie. Here, Van Dongen depicts a charming young girl whose simple jacket, wide-brimmed hat and hair bow suggest that she belongs to this latter, more respectable group.