Near the Lake, 1879/80 by Pierre Auguste Renoir


Near the Lake, 1879/80


Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Image Size 24" x 20" (60 x 50 cm)
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The painting depicts either a canotier who is someone who practices the sport of rowing, or perhaps just a man dressed like a canotier who is talking with a young girl. Canotiers were common subjects for many of Renoir`s paintings during this period and it is believed that the Lake in the painting may be the Lower Lake of the Parisian park Bois de Boulogne. This painting followed an earlier tradition that features people participating in leisurely activities outside and the child lends innocence and happiness to a setting. During Renoir`s lifetime, private lands and gardens in Paris and the French countryside was starting to be acquired by the public for public use, thus allowing access to everyone. The impressionists of the day were capturing these moments of gentile and relaxing life.