Beer Street by William Hogarth


Beer Street


William Hogarth

Ref GM3238
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Image Size 18" x 24" (46 x 60 cm)
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Beer, happy product of our isle, Can sinewy strength impart; And, wearied with fatigue and toil, Can cheer each manly heart. Labour and art, upheld by thee, Successfully, advance; We quaff the balmy juice with glee, And water leave to France. Genius of health, thy grateful taste Rivals the cup of Jove; And warms each English, generous breast, With liberty and love Beer Street celebrates the virtues of the mildly intoxicating traditional national drink. Beer inspires artists and refreshes tradesmen and labourers. It can be drunk safely on rooftops. In Beer Street happy and healthy drinkers celebrate the king's birthday after a hard day's work. Business on the street is thriving apart from the pawnbroker who hides from debt collectors. Shown is a flourishing urban scene with well-fed citizens; in the foreground, butchers, fish wives and a City of London porter hold large tankards of beer; a butcher lifts a joint of meat into the air with one hand; in the background, paviours repair the street, chairmen carry a stout lady, tailors sew in a well-lit attic, builders work on the roof of a house clad with scaffolding, and a warehouseman hauls a barrel to an upper storey - all are drinking beer; poverty appears only in the ragged coat of the artist painting the tavern sign and, more particularly, in the collapsing house of "N Pinch Pawn Broker".