Butterflies and Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh


Butterflies and Poppies


Vincent Van Gogh

Ref GM3614
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 16" x 12" (40 x 30 cm)
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When Van Gogh made this painting he started with the flowers and butterflies and filled in the blue background only afterwards. This is clear from the fact that the broad strokes of blue paint occasionally cover the green stems of the flowers. Van Gogh even left part of the canvas unpainted, with the bare cloth visible. Using various shades of green, he gave depth to the tangle of stems, leaves and petals. Van Gogh skilfully captured the spirit of the delicate poppies. Some of the buds are about to burst open. This painting demonstrates that the lessons Vincent drew from his study of Japanese prints remained with him. The vivid red poppies and the pale yellow butterflies float on the surface of twisting dark stems and nodding buds, all against a yellow-gold background. Although composed of natural motifs, van Gogh's layering of pattern in Butterflies and Poppies suggests a decorative quality like that of a textile or a screen.