An Edwardian Season - Cowes Regatta by John S Goodall


An Edwardian Season - Cowes Regatta


John S Goodall

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This image depicts a watercolour of people watching the yachting at Cowes, England. The town gives its name to the world's oldest regular regatta, Cowes Week, which occurs annually in the first week of August. The illustration is taken from the book ‘An Edwardian Season’ which is illustrated by John Goodall. The book explores the habits of the English upper crust at play (and their servants at work) in the golden age of the Edwardian era in the years before the Great War. Marriageable daughters, who were known as debutantes, were given balls at which they 'came out', after having been presented to Their Majesties; and there followed a succession of parties and traditional entertainments until Cowes Regatta, when the exhausted participants returned to their country estates, grouse moors in Scotland, or to various health-restoring spas abroad. This period of around three months was called the social season. Buckingham Palace, Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot, Derby Day, evenings at the Royal Opera House, the debutantes coming out ball are also all beautifully depicted in the book.